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skin laser clinic castle hill,best skin clinic near me

Welcome to First Skin Clinic, your go-to destination for the best and most affordable skin laser treatments in the Castle Hill, Sydney Hills area. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of care and the latest technology in skin laser treatments. Book your appointment today and experience the difference at First Skin Clinic.

Affordable and safe skin laser treatments at First Skin Clinic
Hair removal price list

Lip $20.00
Chin $20.00
Lip & chin $30.00
Sides of face $30.00
Full face $50.00
Neck $30.00
Face and neck $70.00

Underarms $25
Chest & stomach $95
Back & shoulders $120
Half arm $65 
Full arm $110 

          Half Leg   $160   
   Full Leg $200
Buttocks $70
Brazilian $60
Bikini $40

Underarms & Brazilian $75
Full legs, Brazilian & underarms $180  
Half legs, Brazilian & underarms $160 

Upper body $320   $150
Full body $590 $199

Laser hair removal

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