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Get your best skin at Castle Hill Skin Facial

A signature facial is a customized facial treatment offered by spas or skincare professionals. It is designed to address the individual needs and concerns of the client while incorporating the spa's unique techniques, products, and protocols. A signature facial typically goes beyond the basic cleansing and exfoliation steps and includes additional elements tailored to provide a luxurious and personalized experience.

Treatment: $200 

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While the exact steps and products used may vary depending on the spa or aesthetician, here are the general components you can expect in a signature facial:

  1. Consultation: The aesthetician will begin by discussing your skincare concerns, goals, and any specific issues you want to address. They may also inquire about your skincare routine, allergies, or medical conditions to ensure a safe and effective treatment.

  2. Cleansing: The skin is thoroughly cleansed to remove makeup, dirt, and impurities. The aesthetician will choose a cleanser suitable for your skin type.

  3. Exfoliation: The outermost layer of dead skin cells is gently removed through exfoliation. This step may involve physical exfoliation using scrubs, gentle peels, or chemical exfoliation with products containing alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) or enzymes.

  4. Hydro-facial: HydraFacial is a breakthrough facial treatment for enhanced texture, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, oiliness, and congested pores. You can get an instant glow before an event, or have this treatment as ongoing maintenance for a clear and radiant complexion.

  5. Oxygen therapy: Oxygen facial uses oxygen under high amounts of pressure to apply various serums and hyaluronic acid to the skin. Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in the human body and is thought to lessen the effects of aging by tightening and hydrating the skin.

  6. Micro-current therapy: Microcurrent technology increases elastin production in the skin by a whopping 45% and collagen thickness by 10%. This is why the efficacy of microcurrent facials in reducing fine lines and wrinkles has been widely praised

  7. Facial Massage: A relaxing facial massage is often incorporated using specific techniques to improve blood circulation, relax facial muscles, and promote lymphatic drainage. This step enhances the overall experience and helps stimulate the skin.

  8. Serum and Moisturizer: After the mask or treatment is removed, a serum containing active ingredients is applied to provide additional nourishment and address specific skincare concerns. This is followed by the application of a moisturizer suitable for your skin type to hydrate and protect the skin.

  9. Sunscreen: If the facial is performed during the day, a broad-spectrum sunscreen may be applied to shield the skin from harmful UV rays.

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