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What is Skin Pink treatment?

The Pink Treatment is a Professional Beauty Facial Treatment that harnesses the power of 56 active ingredients in a potent cocktail serum for the overall improvement and revitalisation of the skin. It can be performed by both Aesthetic and Medical practitioners and is a versatile solution with multiple applications to suit your clinics needs.

The most common usage is with Turtlepin III, a Medical Grade Multipin Solution Delivery Device, which allows The Pink Solution to be gently stamped on the skin. This is then followed by the Natural RX Post Procedure Mask, which infuses rich hydrating properties to soothe and calm the skin. The Pink Treatment keeps the skin healthy, helping slow down the ageing process, improving skin elasticity, encouraging skin regeneration and repair, and improving tone and texture.

The Pink Solution

The Pink Solution is a Professional Skin Booster Serum, composed of 56 skin loving active ingredients that helps improve the vitalization of fibroblast cells, which are the basic structural frameworks of tissues. It is a versatile solution and is optimised for the regeneration of damaged and destroyed tissues.

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