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Sun Damage Causes and Treatment

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Sun damage and other Hyperpigmentation causes and treatment vary depending on genetics, hormonal issues, sun exposure, even medication that you might be taking. Read on to learn more about the various causes and types of hyperpigmentation, and at-home and in-spa treatments to save your skin from dark patches.

Let’s talk about pigment in the skin, more specifically what we call hyperpigmentation. This means excess overstimulation of pigmentation (brown discolouring ) in the skin.

Pigmentation is actually in our skin for a reason, and that is to shield and protect us like an umbrella from the damage of external factors such as the sun. The body is such an amazing healing and protective mechanism, it will increase enzyme activity within the skin in an attempt to create an umbrella effect to protect the DNA of our skin cells when they are exposed to UV.

Generally, there are four types of pigmentation that most clients come to us concerned with. Your hyperpigmentation you are concerned about generally falls into either Melasma (also known as Chloasma on pregnancies), freckles, lentigos or Post-inflammatory pigmentation (PIP).

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