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Pink treatment

The Pink Treatment is a Professional Beauty Facial Treatment that harnesses the power of 56 active ingredients in a potent cocktail serum for the overall improvement and revitalization of the skin. It can be performed by both Aesthetic and Medical practitioners and is a versatile solution with multiple applications to suit your clinic's needs.

The Pink Treatment  castle hill


The Pink Treatment is a quick and simple, relatively pain-free procedure with very little downtime that promotes skin regeneration from the inside out.

The combination of the 56 active ingredients, stamped into the skin with Turtlepin III, and followed with the Natural RX Post Procedure Mask allows for many skin benefits both short-term and long-term. An instant improvement in radiance, tone, and texture is visible after the procedure which continues to last, making this the perfect treatment to receive before an event. Long-term benefits include skin tightening, the dispersion of superficial pigmentation, and helping diminish acne scarring.

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